Croatian Youth Hostel Association is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation founded back in 1953 in order to promote the hostelling mission in Croatia and encourage young people to explore and appreciate the rich natural and cultural heritage of our country.

01/ 48 29 294, 48 29 296
Savska 5, 10 000 Zagreb

Youth hostels in Croatia – now HI Hostels

Youth hostels in Croatia are located in TOP destinations: Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Veli Lošinj, the island of Hvar, Biograd, Karlobag, Kastela near Split, Samobor near Zagreb

Croatian youth hostels have been running for more than 60 years, offering budget accommodation for travellers. In year 2018 the Croatian Youth Hostel Association went through the process of rebranding into HI Croatia, under the umbrella of HI hostels organisation. That’s why now our hostels do not operate under the previously known terminology youth hostels, but you will find as under new names: HI Hostel Zagreb, HI Hostel Dubrovnik etc.

So not to be confused….Croatian youth hostels you used to know are still here, they just have a new name.  A rose is still a rose even hidden under different petals.

We are still a part of the Hostelling International association and we welcome people of all ages: young or old, we don’t make any difference between you. After all, it’s how old you feel, age is just a number.

Check our social media profile on Instagram and feel free to share your photos and videos under the hashtag #hicroatia.