Croatian Youth Hostel Association is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation founded back in 1953 in order to promote the hostelling mission in Croatia and encourage young people to explore and appreciate the rich natural and cultural heritage of our country.

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Become an influencer

At HI Croatia we are sometimes approached by bloggers and social media influencers keen to stay with us.

We’ve put together tips to help you if you’re interested in working with us.

HI Croatia welcome all content creators who share our love of budget youth travel. If you’re in Croatia or thinking about visiting, contact us and tell us what kind of cooperation you want with us. Tell us about you, your platforms or content you can create for us and if you’re a fit, we’ll be in touch.

Tips for Influencers to work with us:

1. Tell us something about yourself, your blog or your social media platforms.
Provide statistics for your platforms, consider including screenshots and evidence of consistent E.g. Reach, likes and engagement, number of followers and their demographics.

2. Propose what kind of activity you are interested in undertaking with us, where and when and the type of content you will be creating.

For example:

a. Drone flights

b. Professional pictures

c. Publications in our social networks

d. Posting an Instagram story on my own account taking people around the hostel over 3 days

3. If you already have travel plans in place, provide dates and corresponding locations.

4. Bear in mind that we are usually full during the summer! We rarely host influencers during our busy summer months of July-August in our hostels on the coast or during Advent time in Zagreb.

Now submit your proposal at

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!