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Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture

Programme of European Capital of Culture – Rijeka 2020 is centered around three main themes which depict the identity of Rijeka and contemporary Europe: water, work, and migration. The main motto around which the Rijeka programme was created is “Port of Diversity” which aims to show the city of Rijeka as one that is welcoming and accessible to all. 

The themes of water, work and migration in the “Port of Diversity” programme are being communicated through various channels: in exhibitions, theaters shows, operas, concerts, festivals. 

Additionally, many Croatian, as well as world-renown artists, are making guest appearances and many associations are showcasing their projects, book presentations and alike. 

Around 300 culture programmes and more than 600 events will take place in Rijeka during 2020, with more than 350 various organizations taking part and with artists from more than 55 countries from both Europe and the rest of the world coming to this city.   

To learn more about the Programme of European Capital of Culture – Rijeka 2020, keep on reading.